Online Campaign User Testing

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Media Buy Remote User Testing

There is now an inexpensive and FAST way to test your marketing campaigns and messaging before spending money on your media buys

  • Find out if the new creative improves, reinforces or weakens brand perceptions
  • See how customers engage with your creative and your competitor's creative
  • Understand if the imagery resonates with the customer
  • Find out if people 'get' your ad creative, messaging or call to action
  • Easily test the 5 second rule to see if your customers 'get' it
  • Conduct a more effective and efficient media planning by discovering what type of activity your target Persona uses to discover, find and satisfy their objectives (Search? Social Media? Which Platforms? etc.) and how they do so.

Ensure you are using A/B and multivariate testing to optimize the best choices, not the worst choices.

Quantitative data doesn't always tell you why something happened, only that it happened. Contact Userlytics today and find out why user behave as they do.

Ask your customers to show you where they go to satisfy a need or objective. You'll be able to see how they search the web, or where they find referrals and recommendations, and how they make decisions on which media and creative assets to engage or ignore.

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