User Testing Mobile Apps

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Remote Usability Testing of Mobile Apps

Userlytics helps you inject user testing feedback into every aspect of your mobile app development cycle.

Observe real people engaging with your mobile application regardless of device, smartphone, tablet, Android, Apple, Blackberry, etc.

Userlytics uses real-people to usability test your application across platforms. In their real world context of home or office. There are a number of ways we can perform your mobile usability study. Contact us today to discuss your user experience test specifics.

User testing is essential to build a great experience for customers using a computer. With mobile you need to user test even more often than with desktops. Less than 5% of mobile apps are still in use 3 months after downloading. An easy, fast and inexpensive means to usability test and validate mobile designs and use cases is invaluable.

Use a native smart phone or tablet platform to test usability, user experience and user reaction prior to launching an app or web focused website.

Userlytics allows you to:

  • Speed up launch date
  • Reduce or eliminate internal bias
  • Help prioritize usability fixes
  • Reduce costs by identifying problems early
  • Get feedback from early adaptors to laggards

Let us help you set up your mobile user experience testing

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