Source of Participants: Which should I choose?

  • Created : Mar, 22, 2019
  • Last Updated: Mar, 22, 2019

This refers to the system you want to use to source participants for your usability test.

Global Panel:

Userlytics has a global panel of almost 300,000 participants, around the world. We also have a geolocation detection system through IP, advanced demographic filters and customizable screener questionnaires so you can test your assets with your target persona.

global panel Userlytics

As mentioned above, you can also add a customizable screener to ask additional “qualify/disqualify” questions to your participants and thus make sure that the participant meet your target Persona requirements.

Client Supplies:

You can also bring your own participants , whether they are your customers, your employees or a 3rd party panel or recruiter. If you use this option you can create a specific landing page where you can customize your logo and text.


You can also redirect the participants to a thank you page when they finish the test, with which you can tracker the number of results you get with your own analytical system, or send them to a rewards page, or work with the redirect system of a 3rd party panel/recruiter.


In addition, you can invite your participants via email through the "collect responses" section once the test has been launched.

Invite People

Finally, you can show a small widget in your website, by adding a small piece of code (HTML & JS) into your site, to offer the visitors the possibility of doing the test. You can even customize the look & feel of the invitation widget.

Widget Userlytics