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Can I get a result I am unhappy with replaced?

 By Userlytics
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Replace results

Replace results

Yes, you can! If you rate a result as a “1 Star”, within 7 days of receiving the result (or simply by letting know), we will conduct a second in-depth review. We will replace the result if:

  • Participant was not following a “Think Aloud” protocol
  • Participant was not making a good faith effort to follow instructions
  • There were technical issues with the recording

If however, the instructions were confusing (and you had not taken advantage of our optional UX Consulting and had us design the test script), or, there was a bug in the test asset you directed participants to, then participants will be paid their incentives, and the credit(s) used will not be replaced (We can however still delete the result from your account if you wish).


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