How to use Userlytics & Google play (Play Console) for testing a prototype

  • Created : Mar, 15, 2019
  • Last Updated: Mar, 15, 2019

Inviting Userlytics testers to Google Play is very easy. All you have to do is to publish an Open Beta version of your prototype.

Please go to Google Play Console:

Then click on the App you want to test.

Userlytics App

After that, click on Release Management , and then on App Releases

Release Management

Now you will find some options to share your prototype, look for Open Track, or create it if you don’t have one, and then click on Manage .

Open Track

This will generate a unique link, copy that link and paste it into the Userlytics Dashboard in the Google Play or Download URL section of the test you are creating.

Manage Testers Userlytics Dashboard

Now simply launch your test . Your prototype will be tested in just a few hours!

Note: Remember that using this system will make your prototype VISIBLE in Google Play as a beta version. If you want to hide your app, contact us at for other alternatives.