Which methodology should I choose?

  • Created : Mar, 20, 2019
  • Last Updated: Mar, 20, 2019

The methodologies refer to what we want to record in the usability test with respect to the participant.

There is no price difference between them. Choosing one or the other depends simply on your preferences. You can choose between the following methodologies:

Webcam + Screen + Audio:

Selecting this methodology you can record the participant's face as well as the screen and sound during the test, which is great to obtain additional insights & feedback through gestures and non-verbal signals. It also allows you to verify that the participant fits your specific target persona (clothes, age, environment ...). This methodology is also IDEAL for multi-channel tests, since you will be able to see the physical store to which the tester is going, as well as the products they are researching or intending to buy.

Add Userlytics plugin


This option is NOT available for testing applications on iOS if you wish to use the native Userlytics mobile app user testing system. If you select to test an iOS app while using this methodology , we will automatically use a different mobile user testing system called "mirroring" that projects the image of the native mobile phone onto the desktop computer.

Screen + Audio:

With this methodology we will record the screen and the sound of the participant. It is useful for those cases where the webcam is not necessary, or where you believe your participants will not wish for their face and surroundings to be recorded; also useful in some cases where testers do not own modern mobile devices, since it reduces the risk of technical problems during the test.

screen and audio