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What kind of instructions should I use for remote Usability Testing?

 By Userlytics
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Instructions for remote Usability Testing: You can direct participants to perform any goal or task or question, in any order, including leveraging branching logic, to help you optimize the user experience of your websites, mobile apps, online advertising and content, and discover the reasons behind your analytics and funnel conversion results. You can also leverage pre-formatted system usability scale questions, and net promoter score questions, and have results automatically tabulated (as well as time on task, success/failure, SEQ, surveys, etc.)
We provide a set of customizable templates.
You might ask about:

  • Site navigation
  • Mobile App downloads and interactions
  • The understanding of an advertising message
  • How do customers find your website or App or those of your competition
  • The process for satisfying a need or objective
  • Ease of use and intuitiveness
  • Design, video, colors, layout
  • Specific processes such as: registration, login, check out, utilities, etc.
  • If they would use your site or recommend it to a friend
  • Other user experience & usability questions specific to your user testing objectives
  • Comparisons with competitors, production and prototype assets, offline and online media

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