How to test an apk file in Userlytics?

  • Created : Mar, 19, 2019
  • Last Updated: Mar, 19, 2019

To test an apk file in Userlytics you must upload it to a hosting platform such as Google drive (recommended) and copy the public URL.

Let's see an example on how to do it in Google Drive:

First enter your Google account and access Google Drive

Now, click on "New"


Then click on “File upload”:

Upload File

Now select the APK file you want to test:

Select APK

Then look for the file that you have just uploaded:

Userlytics File

Right click and select "Share" .

Now click on “Get shareable link”.

Shareable Link

Now click on "More" and select the option (On- Anyone with the link)

Shareable Link

Click on "Save" and keep that URL, since it will be the one that you have to use in your Test Script

Get Link

Once you have the copied link, go to the Userlytics platform and create a new test

Create New Test

Select App


Select Android as your operating system, then Select Unreleased

Unreleased APP

Now in the field of “Google Play or Download URL” , paste the link that you just obtained and continue the steps.

Download URL

*If you use an alternative hosting service different than Google drive, remember that the link you paste in this field must be public which means that it must be accessible to download from any computer without logging in or entering any data.