Hightlight Reels

  • Created : Mar, 24, 2019
  • Last Updated: Mar, 24, 2019

Highlight reels are a very cool feature of Userlytics that allow you to automatically compile several related annotations in the same clip, grouped by theme (tag). You can even automatically assemble clips with common theme/tag from multiple studies

If you have doubts about how to create annotations and add tags, please go first to this page.

To generate a highlight reel, follow these steps:

· Access your customer account in Userlytics

· Click on the Highlight Reels link on the left sidebar

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Select the Highlight Reel you want to generate and click on the icon underneath Create/Download Highlight Reel in the row of the relevant tag.


Just like when you generate clips, you can choose to automatically superimpose as captions of the video the titles of each annotation. Then click on “Request” . The highlight reel will begin to be generated.

request highlight reel

You will be notified via email when it is ready.

Once you receive the email notification, please go to the highlight reel section again.

Now you can download the generated highlight reel , or share it via a URL

You will also be able to refresh (if you add, delete or change annotations after generating the associated highlight reel) or remove the highlight reel.