Agile User Testing

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Usability Testing for Software Developers

Userlytics helps you inject user feedback into every aspect of the development cycle.

Our easy, quick and affordable solution allows you to get feedback throughout the design & execution process and with each iteration. No worries if you are not an experienced research expert, its easy and inexpensive so you can test as much as you like, every variation and iteration.

The average UI has some 40 flaws. Correcting the easiest 20 of these yields an average improvement in usability of 50%. The big win, however, occurs when usability is factored in from the beginning. This can yield efficiency improvements of over 700%.

Userlytics allows you to easily and rapidly see how customers or users interact with your user interface or prototype, what problems they encounter, and what they don't understand, to ensure they can easily do what you want them to do.

  • Run multiple usability studies to gauge the impact of upcoming design and usability changes to the application
  • Compare different designs or versions
  • Understand user preferences for various design alternatives
  • Understand why your customers do what they do
  • Create a high baseline on which to conduct A/B and Multivariate testing

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