Agencies that do User Testing

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Partnering with Agencies to Pitch User Testing, Design, & Development

Pitch your client with a few video clips highlighting usability and user experience issues of their website/app (or that of their competition). Free of charge if you subscribe to our Enterprise Plan.

Say good-bye to usability testing right before the launch deadline. Now you can do user testing on an ongoing and iterative basis through the design and development process, from basic concept sketches through production assets.

We offer Agencies the free usage of our user experience testing platform for creating cool user testing clips highlighting usability issues for client pitches. For example, running a usability test comparing the client asset with a competitor asset and with a proposed redesign. If you win the pitch, we all benefit!

  • Which designs do customers prefer? And why?
  • How do customers react to content and adverts? And why?
  • How do users use search or social networks to achieve their objectives? And why?
  • How do customers interact with landing pages, websites, applications and User Interfaces (UIs)? And why?

Analytics tells you what happened. Find out why it happened

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