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The Userlytics Usability Testing Advantage


Three easy steps to set up your Usability Test

1Your Target Persona.

We recruit the exact demographics of your customers and prospects. And since you can see their face and surroundings, you can be sure whom you are receiving usability and user experience test feedback from.

2Easy and fast.

Set up a usability test in minutes, receive user experience test results in hours;

3Any Digital Asset.

iOS. Android. Production Apps. Prototype Apps. HTML files. Wireframes. PNG Design Concepts. Video Commercials. Still Images. Competitor Websites. Search Flow...

The Userlytics Difference

Picture-in-Picture user testing recordings of participants as they interact with mobile apps and websites. No SDK. No rooting. No professional testers with special hardware. Real Persons with a software only solution and no integration necessary!

Ability to user test prototypes, videos, mobile apps, display ads, search and social behaviour, desktop and web applications, smart-phones and tablets in addition to websites;

Ability to include up to 100 post-recording survey questions per user test to compare what participants say with what they do when interacting with stimuli;

Ability to view usability test results in the cloud, share with colleagues and clients on a study by study basis, and download and edit video and survey results;

Usability Task templates for easy user test project set up;

Picture-in-Picture videos (participants and what they see) for unmoderated mobile and website usability tests;

QA of every usability test result video with identification & transcription of key user experience events and comments, hyperlinked to specific user testing video and timeline moment;

Annotation capability with transcriptions & comments & notes automatically added to a "Video Highlights" section with each annotation hyperlinked to the relevant user testing video and timeline moment;

Use of the Userlytics Usability Test Panel OR custom demographic recruitment of user testers OR 3rd party panel user experience test provider integration OR customizable feedback invitation widget OR recruitment links for posting anywhere;

Your Target Persona for your Usability Test

We recruit to your customer and prospect demographic criteria. And since you can see the persons providing the user testing feedback, you can be sure that your insights and feedback are coming from your chosen demographic segment and user experience context;

Userlytics Supports the Interaction Design Foundation

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